Help in deciding 360 mod types (Jtag?)

I apologize for making “another one of these threads,” but I am still a little confused. I’m rejoining the mod community and I’m looking for some help. I have read countless articles but the responses never seem to be the same and I still haven’t found anyone with my particular issue. I’ll outline my questions for an easy to read solution.

  1. What are the benefits of each type of 360 mod? (Flash, Jtag, and Chip)

  2. What are the downfalls to each? (Flash, Jtag, and Chip)

  3. I am under the impression that mod chips have not been in use for essentially the entire life of the Xbox 360. Why?

This modification will be for offline purposes. I am not concerned with XBL banning, although feel free to mention those risks if you’d like.

My console currently has the RRoD. I plan on going about the repair process on my own terms. If you have any suggestions as to which mod would be beneficial to me based on that information (the console will already be open and ready for business) that would be helpful as well.

Any further notes or information is welcome.

Never heard of using a chip? but…

1 & 2. Basically, Flashed<Jtag<Dev Kit

Flashed is just modifiying the disk drive to play burned games, you can do some ISO mods and if you keep low and update things you have a low chance of being banned… advantage is also you can play online those burned games! :smiley:

A Jtag can run code a normal xbox cant, you can mod games, run homebrew ( emulators & such ), biggest downside is 1. You have to have a older xbox with the “blade” dashboard, and 2. You cant go online, their is no current known method to go online and their may or may not ever be.

And a Devkit is the same type of xbox’s Developers use to test their games, their pretty expensive and mainly for experienced people and I don’t know to much about them… Except they can do everything a jtag can do + more.

  1. I’ve never heard of a mod chip being used on a xbox 360, I don’t think their is one…

So as far as flashing goes, I will be able to do all in-game modifications?

What other homebrew type programs are available beside emulators?

Also, as far as Jtagging, does it have to use the blade dashboard or just have an older motherboard? Is there any way to remove updated patches that prevent a console from being jtagged? (According to popular responses the answer is no. I just want to clarify and make sure.)

With a flashed console you can do ISO mods, but you cant do the same ones as jtags for most things…

You dont have to use the blade dashboard for the jtag, but it must be a blade dash to jtag it, or the easier option to buy a pre-jtag’d console. I dont know why you would want to prevent it from being jtag’d, huh? If you mean can you delete updates on a xbox to get back, no. If you mean to prevent it from being un-jtag’d you just dont update it…

Do you recommend the Jtag mods over the flash mod capability or is there a significant difference?

I considered getting a Jtag’d console but I have to repair mine anyway so I was hoping it would be eligible. It appears it’s not.

I meant removing Xbox updates so that I can Jtag an xbox that shouldn’t be able to be jtagged. Do you have any idea why updates can’t be removed in order to Jtag it? If it’s a software patch then I don’t see why they couldn’t be removed.

Overall, do you personally recommend one form of modification over another given all of the benefits and difficulties?

Reset glitch hack it

Also the eFuses have been blown which is why you can’t jtag past 7371and you can’t downgrade dashboards. If you could just delete something that would allow you to jtag it again then everyone would have one. Btw research not everyone is going to spoon feed you

I am researching. Why else would I join a website about Xbox modding? I cannot research things I’ve never heard of before. I appreciate your “lead” on eFuses and the reset glitch.

JTAG wise RGH is the way to go, flashing has already been explained above, both are good but flash if you wanna go on live (wait for LT+ 3.0), and rgh if you would like to do unsigned code such as modded lobbies and homebrew, do note there is a half and half with a dual nand option, which means it holds a retail and a modified nand, and you can also flash your drive.

Why the only real difference is that dev kits can debug. Almost all the other features can be found as plugins for jtags.

There is a known method to get online you just don’t know it.

Thanks for all the replies. Most of my questions have been cleared up but I still have a few due to the responses.

What exactly is meant by a modded lobby? Can I not do that with a flashed drive?

Also, according to my understanding, the RGH allows me to Jtag a newer console besides the original Xenon, correct? I’ve been reading up on the eFuses, but how exactly does the RGH play in with the eFuses?

It also seems to me that there should be a way around the eFuses in time as that’s not a physical part on the console. (iShockin more or less went around the bush without answering the real question.) Although there may not be a “software update” to remove in order to Jtag, unless Microsoft physically removed some part from new consoles that was originally on the older consoles, something can be done to revert a “Jtag blocker.” (Maybe it’s already been discovered and I’m just uneducated about it.) I’ve read something about chips to decrypt the eFuse code. Is that legitimate?

Modded lobbies can be done on World At War via ISO mods.

RGH avoids the efuses completely, they use pulses to the hana chip.

Efuses don’t matter with RGH as it is a hardware mod. And yes you can do any xbox except the newest revision of the slim of and xenon.

I think getting a jtag is the way to go. Especially if you aren’t going online at all. It’s really not that much to buy a jtag anymore. You could even buy a jtaggable xbox for like $80 and spend maybe $30-$40 to get it jtagged (that’s what I did).

Personally if you are getting it for offline purposes only DON’T get a flashed xbox. Sure it’s cheaper, buy you have to burn EVERY game you want to a disc, which can add up.

With a jtag you can use an external hard drive and put the games on that and you are able to play, takes far less time and effort.

$1 a disc will still give you like 170+ games for the cost of a jtag and external hdd.

but it takes a lot longer and you can’t burn some games…

And that’s if it even works, sometimes it doesn’t burn right.

Plus, I rather pay the extra $40 or so for the convince of the jtag, plus you can do a lot more stuff.

I dont have a jtag or flashed, but i are thinking about buy one of them!
So i just wanted to know that you can burn games and play on jtags? OR you must have flashed?

If he is offline then a jtag is worth it but what games can’t be burnt? I burn every game with 100% every time.

You need a flashed drive to play burnt games but you can put the game on your hdd and play it without one on a jtag.

I thought with that new format it was harder to burn or something like that.

I just like the convince of the jtag, takes so much less effort and time. Plus, you can get more stuff on it.

But if you want to play online then a jtag is a waste of money. And no all games can be burnt just fine.

Harder to burn? nah, they recommend you buy an ihas drive and flash it with burner max but I burn truncated and they work fine, although I did recently upgrade to iXtreme Burner Max Custom For Memorex