Help Infinity won’t find resident evil 7

I’ve got the windows store version of Resident Evil 7. Infinity wont detect it. When I click on fix and drag the icon to it, it says Link but doesn’t. Infinity does pick up Gears of War 4 which is also a windows store game. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both infinity and RE7 with no luck.

The trainer is made for the steam version of the game. Windows must be different. I know it works i just played res. Evil 7 about 2 days ago

I’ve read on here somewhere that it was updated to work with windows it just has to be attached once the game is open rather than launched from infinity. In order to do that though it has to locate it, there’s where I run into my issue.

Start the game first , back out to desktop then hit start in infinity should work like that
Wont work if you have dlc’s

I can’t click start though. It doesn’t appear, its replaced with Game Not Found. Following the fix options they provide isn’t working.

I’m having the exact same issues, ive used cheats with the game on windows when it first came out, and forgot about all the DLC that came out and figured id redownload it to play it again and wemod cant find the game so im not even sure what to do

The official answer here is that we don’t have an official resident evil 7 trainer for the windows store at the moment. So official support for the windows version will not be available. We will most likely add this and other game pass games to the WeMod app for voting here in the near future.

UNOFFICIALLY you can change permissions on the windows windowsapps folder and select the EXE that way but YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, WEMOD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DO SOMETHING INCORRECTLY.

That being said ,I’ve done it in the past and I would imagine it would be hard to mess up :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes i just noticed this after i finally realized that it wasn’t supported on windows now, but when i first bought the game the day it came out the trainers worked flawlessly, and it’s already a pain in the ass to change all permissions on windows pc just to have wemod try and run it. and finding and changing the permissions for the .exe in windows is too many steps. soooo i’ll probably just download a trainer online for now lol :joy: