Help it want let me donwload horizon

it want let me download horizon on my windows 10 laptop

Is there an error message you can give me?

i have windows 8 and it wont let me run horizon, it sais, failed - insufficient permission

Right click and run as Administrator.

but its when you clic the download button on the site, it starts to download at the bottom of your screen on google chrome but when i clic it, it downloads but when its at 0 secons left it sais failed and when i clic on it, it does nothing

It’s possibly your browser blocking the download.

Check this article on Google Chrome (assuming you’re using that) -

Edit -

Turn off phishing & malware warnings

The following steps will turn of phishing and malware warnings, as well as download warnings.

In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
Select Settings.
Click Show advanced settings.
Under “Privacy,” uncheck the box “Enable phishing and malware protection.”

I highly, highly recommend you enable this once you’ve downloaded Horizon/Infinity.

is there a way to like bypass it?

Yes sorry I forgot to add that first time round, check my post above

it doesnt say enable phishing and malware

Hey, I understand it can be frustrating trying to download something but it just won’t work. Here is a useful page that tells you why it may happen and how to fix it. (Google Chrome)