HELP! L4D mod can't get: left4dead2_cfg_pri.cfg' or 'left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg

:help::worried::’( HELP!
OKay, I downloaded Horizon, used instructions I read in a post by xHAZE or something like that.
Used L4D2 mod for my husband it worked just fine…but then it happened O.0 I decided to pay for an diamond membership. BIG MISTAKE now that I’m trying to mod My saved game I was receiving an error message: INVALID ID" now that I uninstalled and reinstalled; Horizon I am able to open needed file but now I get an BLANK BOX whenever I try to open the needed file. I dont even get left4dead2_cfg_pri.cfg’ or 'left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg! It’s just plain blank -.- can’t even type in the command box. DOes anyone know what is wrong? Please help! I should’ve never became an Diamond member. :cry:

I can’t imagine cheater letting someone rehash and resign a gamesave with no I.D.

Anyways upload the save to a website so we can check it out personally :smile:.