Help me find my Ip so i can setup a minecraft server!

Hey guys, i’m attempting to setup my own minecraft server, but i cant find my comps ip. I have a laptop so idk if that has anything to do with it, and i also have windows 7. I someone could help me, i’ll give you vip when i get the server up. :smiley: :interrobang:

just open up cmd and then type in ipconfig No space
Ip should be default gateway

I did. Idk what to look for. :confused:

go to

Ok, I’ll see if it works. Brb. If it works anyone who just posted before me WHO ACTUALLY HELPED will get vip on my server for life!

Did not work, I received this error:

Don’t know what that means…Anybody?

works for me

I just opened command prompt again, I don’t have a default gateway. :anguished: Someone please help.

yes it means something else is using that port

are you using hmod 134 alpha 14??

He’s trying to find his computers local IP.

Where would I find this information?

And this is the only thing that pops up when i go into cmd:

IPv4 Address is what you want under wireless lan adapter

IPv4 Address is what you want

Ok, thanks. I’ll try that.

Which IPv4 address do i need?

IPv4 address, it’s right in front of you.

Like the others said… works perfect.

Or you can open up Command Prompt, type ipconfig, then hit enter. Fine the default gateway one. I think. Hope you get it working!

The server is now setup, but for some reason I’m not admin. I made myself admin though. Can someone tell me what i did wrong?

#Add your users here (When adding your entry DO NOT include #!)
#The format is:
#For administrative powers set admin/unrestricted to 2.
#For no restrictions and ability to give out items set it to 1.
#If you don't want the person to be able to build set it to -1
#Admin/unrestricted, color and commands are optional.
UnDeAD ZoMBiiEz:admins

you carnt have a space in your name it has to be a _

Oh, okay. Thanks a lot guys. PM me with your usernames, and i’ll get you vip. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Still not an admin. I put it as UnDeAD_ZoMBiiEs:admins and then i tried UnDeADZoMBiiEz. Still no luck.