Help me my horizons not working properly!

hi guys im having a problem with myhorizon i have tried uninstalling and intstalling over and over but it wont go away. For some reason my horizon wont let me install minecraft worlds for my profile i tried draging the worlds to the profile and injecting the file but it always say unknown profile i even made a new account PLEASE HELP ASAP also i used to have horizion back when the website was horizonmb and all of this used to work i have even tried tutorials my xbox name is BAC W3RDZ

Did you swap the ids?

That happens a lot when trying to inject them. Try manually copy and pasting the profile ID from one of your own working saves over to the MC world you downloaded. Then do Save, Rehash & Resign. Then save it to your device. It should work every time if you do it this way.