Help me please! How can I fix this

Everyone can see that in this picture i picked the A-Z category but i don’t have any games instead of PAYDAY 2; Mass Effect 3; Watch Dogs 2; Resident evil 7; If someone can state a reason why is it like this or how can i fix it I will be verry thankful.
P.S. sorry for my bad english

Use this - ICDV2.bat - to clear you CACHE and try again
Should work after that :smiley:


sorry to sound like a broken record, but have u tried to re-install the Infinity program ? which games do you own. Steam, GOG, or Uplay ? try to manually select the game’s folder where it has been installed on your hard drive.

if still facing issue, give this a try. Try the suggestion posted by @nick_666 over here. :wink:

The link I posted does all what you said above or rather nick said

I don’t think a reinstall is needed, the list download is corrupted which icdv2 takes care of. I’ll have to check if it deletes localappdata too.