Help me please wont download

I just bought Horizon Diamond for 1 month. I want to Install the Program to my Computer but it doesn’t work. It keeps getting denied by my Anti Virus AVG and my Windows 7 Default Security Systems. I disabled my AVG and installed the Setup. When I launched the Setup, a small box appeared and started multiplying rapidly across my screen saying “Unknown Error”. What is going on? Why is the download link from this official website full of viruses? I gave 5 bucks to install a virus? Really?

Try downloading from this link:

I did. Malware Warning…

It isn’t malware. Why would we support it if it’s malware.

He’s right, I get a malware warning as well from AVG.

AVG never used to detect it as a virus and has only started doing so with the latest updates. Is there a reason behind this that the staff would care to explain for the less technical of us?

It would be appreciated and bring some peace of mind.

I would really hate to have to stop using Horizon and find an alternative instead, because this is one of my favorite tools to use and is the most reliable one around for rehashing and resigning gamesaves.

Here is what pops up for me when I download it from the link you provided and attempt to save it somewhere:


Why does Horizon have ads inside of it? Keeping in mind that I temporarily disabled AVG and downloaded the installer-only from the link provided in Nick’s post.

Edit 2:

Issue is resolved. Will still leave post up for those having issues still in the future.

If you have problems, don’t be afraid to message the staff and ask, they are more than willing to help and resolved the issues for me.