Help me please¡¡¡

I have this problem with heart of iron 4:

Can anyone help me please?

Well first the basics, do you have an antivirus or firewall or antimalware blocking Infinity? Have you tried disabling the previously mentioned and running Infinity?
Does this only happen with this game?
Are you running the game as administrator?
Are you running Infinity as administrator? If yes, try not running as administrator.

I haven’t got an antivirus or antimalware or firewall or another program to blocking the app.
I am running Infinity as admin and I have this problem with assassin’s creed rogue too

Try using it by NOT running Infinity as administrator.

Are there any games that work for you?

I tried but I got this

Yes, “Dying Light”, “Alien Isolation”, “Saints Row 4”, “Assassin’s Creed 4”, “Star Wars Empire At War”.
And I have the problem with “Stellaris” too