Help meeeeee//////////

Ive been trying to mod dishonored but its not letting me help pls

Horizon does not have a Dishonored save editor. Are you trying to use the XB36Hazard Dishonored save editor?


  1. Get the XB36Hazard Dishonored save editor from here:

  2. Move your Dishonored mission save from your Xbox 360’s storage device to your flash drive and insert it into your PC.

  3. Open Horizon and find your mission save in the “Games” folder in Horizon’s Device Explorer and extract it to your desktop. It would be wise to make a folder called something like “Backup” and put the save in it just in case it gets corrupted during editing it. If you do back it up go ahead and extract it again with Horizon and use the newly extracted one when using the XB36Hazard save editor.

  4. Open the XB36Hazard Dishonored save editor. In the top left corner click on the “Open File” tab and locate your save. Edit it how you want and then click on “Save File”.

  5. Now drag the save into Horizon and click on “Save to Device” in the top right corner of your game save. Click Yes when asked to save changes, and yes when it asks if you want to overwrite it.

  6. Now put your flash drive back into your 360 and either move the save back to your hard drive or load the game save from your flash drive when starting the game.

If done correctly you shouldn’t have any issues. There are an “Old” and a “New” version of the XB36Hazard Dishonored save editor at the link I posted above. If one doesn’t work then go ahead and try the other.