HELP! MW3 Won't let me play online?

Okay so when I load up MW3 I get disconnected from xbox live but it doesn’t tell me I do, and when I go to reconnect is says your connection to xbox live has been lost. Please Reconnect. So I have to dashboard and it automatically reconnects me to xbox live the only time is does this is on MW3 I have tried every game.

Things I have tried:

  • Uninstalling from harddrive and then reinstalling
  • Loading up a different game and then re inserting MW3
  • Signing out before loading up the game and then trying to sign in after it loads
  • Clearing system cache
  • Updating Call of Duty Elite

Anything else I missed?

So it’s signing you off xbox live everytime you load up MW3…?
Did you accept an update?

Yes, and no I haven’t done anything to do with updates besides emptying the cache and re-updating it, which did nothing.

Turn the xbox off disconnect ethernet cable. Reconnect cable restart console. Hope that works.

I have this problem with Gears Of War 3.

What I do is, start up the game signed in but not connected to Xbox LIVE. I press start at the main menu then connect to Xbox LIVE. Works for me everytime.

Try deleting the Title Updates if my trick doesn’t work.
Also, try recovering your profile.

Just to give you a little encouragement… You aren’t banned. They would have told you if you had been.

I know I’m not banned I have yet to do anything even related to modding on this console/profile I have two different ones for stuff like that.