Help my channel grow

Hi, my name is Larrytheowl, I have recently started a youtube channel featuring Black Ops 3 gameplay videos and I am getting minimal views. It would be awesome if some people from the community could maybe help share my channel, if you like it and want to see more, subscribe and leave a comment, maybe like my videos.

Larrytheowl on youtube

your accent annoys me and you failed to keep my attention for longer then 20 seconds. Do you even tell jokes? I sure couldn’t tell… And that’s coming from the guy who’s jokes are like the equivalent of dry-humping.

Bit harsh are we

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Of course, this is the internet. Not kindergarten. If someone else would share their opinion mine wouldn’t matter as much.

I will watch some more of his videos though. Better to be sure before continuing defending my agressive comment.

Edit: Okay, I have watched 4 more now and I now realize what an ■■■■■■■ I was. This guy is the greatest youtuber to ever exist! Liked, favorited, subscribed and bookmarked!

That’s what I should write instead, right?

the content should sell itself, if people like your videos just give it time and you’ll start getting attention.

no sense in getting people to subscribe that will never watch your content.

No, but you don’t really have to be a dick about it every time someone makes a youtube channel. Just saying.

To the OP, I would post on the subreddit for the game. Make sure to read the sub’s rules extensively first, usually there is some sort of criteria to follow, or “reddiquette”

I sometimes tell jokes, but for the moment I didn’t really have much confidence doing a commentary while playing. As for the accent, it doesn’t help that my headset is a cheap, crappy quality one. But thank you for your “critique”

Thank you for the advice, I’ll check it out and hopefully have some more luck there.

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Good point, I should try to remember everyone starts somewhere. Thank you.

I think your mic is fine. It would be a waste of money buying a expensive one ATM .

Are you talking while you are playing or do you add the voice later? Recording the gameplay first and then adding the commentary could help.

dropped a sub for you.

Subbed as well. GL on your venture

Thank you very much, your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much, it means a lot.

I’m doing the commentary as I play, I’ll try adding it in later, I’ll mess around with some different styles, see what suites me best and see what gets a better turnout.

I personally think commentary during gameplay is best. You get the legit reactions, and not fake ones recreated afterwards.

Yes, of course. But a boring monologue is boring, even if it isn’t scripted.

Maybe a mix would be a better idea… Maybe talk during gameplay and then add in small thing later where awkward silence would be otherwise… This could just be temporary though. Just to give you some more time to practice being funny.