Help, My Controls are stuck!

I just got “West of Loathing” and the controls are locked to f1-f4! I can’t change them, activate them, or anything. please help, and if the creators of WeMod are reading this, please add back “click activation” for cheats!

Add Back the "Interactive controls please.

Or somebody at least tell me how to enable the cheats.

You should be able to change them.

i can’t, something must be up with WeMod, because i can’t change any of my control schemes

Works fine for me. Which buttons are you trying to assign it to?

litteraly anything but f1-f4

i can slide my hand across my entire keyboard, and it will still have the triple dots, am i supposed to press something? am i supposed to wait? is my WeMod broken?

Actually, my WeMod might be broken. Slime rancher’s cheats activate, but don’t work, and I can’t remap any buttons for anything on any game. it also refused to update like 4 times. but i think it did.

my WeMod is in V.5.0.18 rn is this correct?

Yes its 5.18 newest version.
Gotta be something on your end i have no problems with doing that on mine

so i have the right version?

Yes it right. So if you put your mouse pointer on the button you cant change it ? Put the mouse pointer on it then click whatever button you want

nope, it just show triple dots on the keys, and i can’t select anything

Huh. Mite be a job for @frank

who dat

The biggest , baddest mother here. The big shot. Maker , owner …

Please go to app settings -> Save Log after you try to set a hotkey. Send me the file in a message.

The hotkeys work fine in-game though?

Well um… this is awkward, but the mini-patch fixed it. you know, the one at like midnight last night? I just kinda reached max amount of messages.