Help Needed

I’m trying to get a mod for Skyrim on my Xbox 360. I’ve downloaded the file for the mod from the Skyrim Nexus Wiki. Anyways, I’ve plugged my flash drive into my computer with my profile, saved game, and everything else. And when I try to move the mod files to the profile/saved game, it says invalid file package. The file type for the mod is a DDS file. How do I change this to a valid file?

Horizon does not support modding Skyrim. If you’re using another mod tool, open your saved game in Horizon’s Package Manager. Go to the “Contents” tab, and extract the only entry in the displayed list. The extracted file is what you must load into the mod tool. When you’re done modding, inject the file back into the “Contents” tab in Horizon.

Do you know any good, safe modding tools that supports Skyrim?

As far as I know the only way to mod skyrim is using the PC version so you have access to console commands.