Help Please?

okay when i try to mod for borderlands 2 on gibbed editor and to extract the save from horizon it says failed to load reencode mismatch any help with that???

That error message means you are using a version of the BL2 Gibbed Save Editor that is not compatible with the version of Borderlands 2 you have. If you haven’t already, update Borderlands 2 and get the latest version of Gibbed Save Editor here:

On the 360? its is updated???

Make sure you have the latest Gibbed editor(rev256)

can you help via skype?

I don’t have Skype at the moment, sorry.

Is the error showing up in Gibbed or in Horizon? I currently have Gibbed rev 256, the latest BL2 title update and have no issues modding with it. If you have an older version of Gibbed it’s going to throw that error.

no when i try to make a custom guns and stuff they dont show up nor does the skins that i put on their etc i was needing help

I thought they patched it so custom gun didn’t work

i hope not that would suck how can i like mod guns and shields kind of like on borderlands where they have the one hit shotguns and the crazy shields?

I’m not sure if I’m speaking truth but I think people would UN update the game make a save for the UN updated make the guns and stuff then update the game again but keep a copy of the UN updated save incised the want to do it again, but I’m not sure, haven’t modded a borderlands game in a few years

You can still create your own weapons. I haven’t had any issues doing so and I’ve done it fairly recently. If Gibbed lets you create it without any warnings it should stick. You might want to try searching for BL2 weapons codes, and then paste them in, always works for us.