Help please

hiya im new to adding maps on the xbox 360 for my daughter. i have downloaded maps that have been in zip i have extracted them but i need them to go to bin and im finding it difficult. i have magic ISO but dont know how to get it all into one bin file please help.

Could you be more specific? What maps and for what game?

its minecraft xbox360 edition iv downloaded sky survival it come down zipped so iv unzipped it and its shows file folders and DAT_MCR type files how do i convert the whole file to bin file to transfer to usb stick via horizon :confused:

Can you link me to the map you’re trying to convert?

hear is the web site i downloaded off

thanks :slight_smile:

Use this website instead, it’s a skyblock made specifically for the 360.

is there a block party mini game for xbox do you know thank you for all your help