Help telL me what I should get? RAM or Processor




I’m trying to get a computer part for my computer that haves i3 dual core processor and 4GB RAM. I wanted to know what will benefit me for I want the computer for I want to use it for.

WHAT I USE MY COMPUTER FOR: I used to design for big YouTuber’s (EX:OpTic, Darth, ETC) and I recorded my gameplay with my Elgato but I traded for a HD PVR 2 because my laptop word lag and mess up my footage.

Please comment down below stating which one will work for me. Upgrading my RAM or Processor?

Both, 4gb is extremely low by todays standards. An i3 has its places but this is not one of them.

The thing is I probably only going to be able to spend $100

Then upgrade your ram because you aren’t getting a decent processor for less than $200 unless you happen to work at bestbuy or someplace like that and qualify for the intel deals.

What chris said really, for $100 your not going to improve much on the cpu you already have. So buy 8gb ram and with the leftover money save it and start saving a fun for a new cpu. There you go, sorted.

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I can’t remember the last socket where you had to have it lifted using a hot air station. Everything now just sit in the socket and is held in with a retention spring.

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Two things:

All processors in the same family use the same pin set. 1150;1151;1155; 2011, those numbers mean something. It doesn’t matter if it is an i7 or intel pentium as long as the pin count is the same.

Second this thread is a year old and no longer relevant.