Help Us Test Something!

We’re writing some code that lets us detect all of the games in your Steam and Origin game libraries. Can you run this program and tell us if we missed any of your games? I’ve only tested it on my computer. Thanks!!AxQTHb5a!Z6XAg6p5xGdzgELtk0bvYoT-Na-avTMDb0u0aVFrVvs

Please make sure your Steam and Origin clients are updated to the latest version.

Oh god… I might help.

OS- Windows 8.1

Well I started it.

All of the steam games I currently have installed are listed.

Is that every Steam game you have installed? Do you have any Origin games installed? The goal of this program is to list every single Steam/Origin game installed on your computer.

Not sure why but it thinks Left 4 Dead is installed on my C drive which is incorrect.
I moved my entire Steam folder off my boot drive.

Does L4D run fine?

OS 7
for some reason it didnt show battlefield 4 in my origin

didn’t have much installed as I wiped my drive recently and had to install all my ****, but the only game i have installed on steam is the evolve closed beta and on origin battlefield 4 which it didn’t show up. sorry pic looks small paints being a ***** today!


I think Origin will only work right now if you have your games installed in a different folder than the default.

Win 8.1

It works !

Works for me, but I only have three Steam games…the rest are from other websites like TPB and KAT.

Picks out the exact folder structure that I have for Steam and its games which is all on the D Drive.

Everything worked fine but Origin. AVG detected it as a virus though.

You’re welcome.

Like I said in the thread where you announced this tool’s development or was seeking member’s thoughts, even though I don’t play games via PC, I’m glad you’re hard at work bringing this idea/tool to life!

It worked!

Are your Origin games installed in the default location?

AVG can die.

I have a couple on my SSD, and a couple on my 3TB HDD.

AVG is all I’ve used since like 2008.

Those are the only games I have installed right now. 1 On a hdd the others on SSD.

CS:GO shows up twice because I accidentally copied it over and forgot to delete it, rip.

works fine but chrome didnt like when i downloaded it

Seems to be working fine

Working for me as well:

Tried running as an admin also, same thing.