Help with borderlands pre-sequel please:

Well like thentital says I would really like some help with the new borderlands game on the 360. I was wondering if anyone had modded it yet and if so can they help me out. I am only at lv 20 but if possible can you join my game and trade me for some cash as well as drop some kick ass orange weapons for me? It would be greatly appreciated.
My gamer tag to joing my game is JUST ISLAND3R

Thanks so much Horizon, I appreciate it very much, JIM

Basically just pop into my game, give me some loot, and drop some kick as weapons for me to pick up. Greatly apprecoiated please

You can do this yourself fairly easily. There is a GPD editor for Borderlands Pre-Sequel that allows you to

This is not my tool so thanks to the maker, Its called Ellipse its like 360 rev horizon etc, With this you can mod you borderlands 3 gpd, for max badass golden keys unlock all customization’s max health gun power 1 shot 1 kill, and lots lots lots more enjoy

Download link is below.

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