Help with Fight Night Champion

Hello to all the great users of this community!

I’ve been looking for a mod for Fight Night Champion for several months now.

I found different options but they didn’t work, there is also a topic here: Xbox Fight Night Champion MOD
but I don’t know if it works, unfortunately I only have iOS and I’m a noob in this topic.

I founded also this: [Trainer] Fight Night Round, Champion Series Trainer Support All TU 2013/12/02 but i cant download, and i dont know that works in game Online.

I love this game for 5 years, but a lot of players use modified boxers and it’s practically impossible to play with them.

I’m begging you, can you help me?

I can pay you for it.

Greetings to you and I believe in you guys!

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we don’t create trainers for mobile, since you’ve mentioned that you play the game on iOS.

You’ll need to find something that will allow you to change the values on iOS.

No, no :slight_smile: The Game is on Xbox 360, i have ios on MacBook and i culdnt used save editor.
U can create trainer to this game (Fight Night Champion) on xbox360? :slight_smile:

Right, okay. I understand now.

Unfortunately, my answer remains the same for Xbox 360 as well. WeMod only creates trainers for PC games.

I’m not sure if the Horizon app has a stats editor for Fight Night Champion either. You’d have to check that.