Help with HDD question

I want to upgrade my ps4 with a 2tb hdd but have a question. Since almost all 2.5 2tb hard drives are 5400rpm i wanted the better performance and was looking for a 7200 2.5 2tb

I found one but the buffer speed was only 8mb and wasnt sure if this would make a difference compared to a 5400 with a 32mb buffer speed which would perform best with better load times?

You will see very little difference. If it were an SSD it would be a different story but HDD are slow to begin with. RPM matters more

Ive seen a few test videos where 5400 and 7200 make a big differemce in load times for consoles not much of a difference between ssd and 7200 unfortunately. I was just curious if cache size for the hdd will play a noticeable roll or not?

As I said no the cache will not make a difference. It would only make a difference in a SSD.