Help with horizon

I’ve HDD witch is 80 GB, but when i’m opening it in the Horizon to extract Fifa 15, it shows me just 256 Mb (I have 15 GB free).

What should i do?

Have you formatted your USB for Xbox?

hey i am also having a problem, everytime i drag my forza 4 profile to horizon it says an unhandled exception occured when i try to mod it, any suggestions?

Extract your Forza 4 profile to your Desktop and mod it. Once you’ve done that, save it and transfer it back to your Device, make sure you overwrite, or it won’t mod be modded.

Every time i try to inject new file i get an error message that says

An error has occured while injecting!
If you see a developer . tell him this:

No se puede realizar la solicitud por un error del dispositivo de E/S.

I’m new in this kind of things… a real rooky