Help with minecraft mods if you can

If I remove the crafting craft mods it works with no sound. I have to update open al to 64bit but when i try it gives me the 32 bit version.
I really would like to have the crafting tweaks mod so i can use my script but if I have to wait for up to date one that is fine. All I want is sound. So anyway to update my openal to 64bit version.

I’m on windows 10

I came here as curseforge doesn’t help you any, and minecraft doesn’t either. It’s quite annoying but you guys always find a solution.


I found that crattweaker and it’s mods won’t work til they update to 1.12.2 and to fix the sound error you have to go here (straight download)

and manually extract that file and put it in your system32 folder. I’m runnig a complete scan with avast and malewarebytes but I’m pretty positive it’s safe. it’s an error on minecrafts new launcher that downloads the 32bit openal on to windows 10 64bit computers.

I have never gotten this deep into modding and don’t know the code languages or softwares. I really don’t think anyone here will have an answer for you. What I would do if I were you would be to google the crap out of it to find info as well as possible forums with people who know this stuff that you can ask. Just be polite and put an effort into writing your question.

I figured it out. Thank you though. Basically it’s minecrafts new launcher fault. It downloads an old version of openal32bit on a windows1064bit operating system. Its kind of annoying. I updated the post after finding my fix and you can lock and archive this for anyone else who needs it.

That’s good then. Good luck with whatever you are doing.

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I’m just hoping it doesn’t contain a virus from the webpage. If you can find a safe place to download the file it would be very nice of you.

hey … its basic tip but, keep in mind x64 programs, to run in x64 mode the must be in the program files folder not program files x86, x86 makes directory run in x32 and program files is only for calls to x64. so maybe this helps in call up process for utilizing the cores on processor. had compiling issues like this before. and also to get some games that default to x86 I move to get better speeds if only slightly.

lol I,m better at thinking than typing :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I keep forgetting about this place, thank you for response and sorry for keep forgetting for 2 months. lol. Anyway thank you for your help and appreciate it.