Help With Payday 2 Gamesave

Hi all, a new update was recently released for payday 2 xbox and I wanted to mod it with the new content. My horizon is currently not working so I was hoping that someone could download my two files ( INFO.BIN and savegame). I need the info.bin file to replace the info.bin file in the savegame contents. If you can do his please upload the result save and post the link.

Thanks in advance

Links: (info.bin) (savegame)


Could you by any chance do it for another info.bin please? Use the same save game but this
info.bin file please?

thanks in advance

what mod tool are you using for the new DLC?

First I got an all items save from the internet. Then I used Anarky’s mod tool to mod my offshore account money and infamy points.
Link :