Help with putting DLC on Jtag

Can some on teamview me or something i am trying to put waw DLC files on my jtag :confused:

i alread have all the DLC files as well.

How are you transferring to your JTAG?

FTP, transfer cable or flash drive?

Transfer cable

You can drag/drop the GoD/DLC file into Horizon, after loading your storage device.
Horizon will do the rest.


i have two folders

they wont drag into horizon :confused:

Edit wait… nvm lol

Don’t drag the folder. Only drag the content inside the folder, the cache doesn’t really matter.

When i try to drag the files into horizon non of them will load in horizon

Heres the file i am trying to drag in

2CF93973C9A1CEA807FD0A2F99E2B0791E1E569541 its 468,516KB