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Help With Putting Together A Decent Budget Gaming PC Build


I plan on building my son a budget gaming pc either for this Christmas or for his birthday in March. I’m starting to go crazy trying to put a build together myself. I know @Chris and some others on here could probably help. I’ll have no issues building it, installing Windows and getting drivers or updating anything that may need that done. I just don’t want to screw up buying stuff that’s not compatible with the case or other parts. Many thanks in advance.

Intel or AMD is fine.
Would prefer a mid size tower.
Do not need a monitor, optical drive, keyboard, mouse, speakers or headset.
Was hoping to be able to throw something together for around $500. But please share your builds even if they’re a bit more.


Not sure if that will help you out. But its my 2 cents of help.


Just under $500 test Results with the computer
CSGO 210 FPS @1080p high settings
Overwatch 110 Fps @1080p high settings
PUBG 70 Fps @1080p low-medium
BF1 70 fps @1080p high settings
GTA5 70 fps @1080p high settings
Witcher 3 60 fps @1080p high settings

Disclaimer. This was a System I build for fun at work since I had nothing better to do.
The CPU can be overclocked up to 4.6Ghz without any problems.
It’s not really optimized. You can get a better system for that price I just had the link lying around and this can give you a “starting” point. You can add change and mix stuff from there.
Prices for 2 components are not shown which might get you above the $500.
Since I live in Germany if I order all those parts I would pay 425€/$482 which is why I linked it.