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Help with world at war on Xbox account

Is it possible a modder for 360 can help get my account back on world at war Multiplayer? What happened is I joined a zombies lobby then instantly kicked me and my account level was -2147483618. my email is removed and Xbox gamertag is removed, I just need my level back to level 1

Welcome to the community @Saybal. :slight_smile:

First of all, please do not share your personally identifying information in a public place such as a community forum. These need to remain confidential for privacy reasons.

It sounds like you were banned from the multiplayer aspect of this game or had your progress reset. Which would be the result of breaking the game rules (trying to cheat online, abuse via voice chat or PMs, etc).

The only thing you can do is contact the game’s official support team to enquire about this. If it turns out your account is indeed banned or has been reset, then you will need to (very politely) ask them to consider being a bit more lenient. There’s nothing we can do about you being banned or reset by the moderation team of a company that has nothing to do with WeMod. :slight_smile: