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I do apologize but I have no idea how these sites work. I was unable to get anywhere with the discobot. I tried posting to another gaming site, xpgamesaves, and had my post deleted as “spam and in the wrong section”. I really am all at sea with this. Could you please take pity on me as a rank beginner and answer my questions which are:

I often have difficulty progressing through the games as my interest is mainly in following the story not killing enemies or solving puzzles. Many games have no difficulty settings or cheats. I have now discovered a way around this: to install saved games downloaded from the internet using Modio.

I need saved games to install onto my Xbox 360 for the following games. In each case I would like a save with maxed out health ( or invulnerability if possible ) a nd best weapons and experience points or similar but at the beginning of the game’s story as I want to play through all the game.

Assassins Creed Black Flag

Dragon Age Inquisition

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Witcher 2 enhanced edition

Far Cry 3

If these are available could you please direct me to them on your site or to another one that might have them. I tried using “the tech game” site but was unable to register – there appears to be a fault on it.

Do I need to update my 360 to the latest version to configure USB for transfer of the saves? If I do will I find any tiresome “improvements” to the console’s performance, for example anti piracy software that requires me to be online, that I would be better without? Do these saves work if you follow the procedure outlined in YouTube videos on the subject? Finally what is the best source for “trainers” for the 360 that will allow for customized tweaking of health and resources?

Is no one willing to help?

This site is like 99.9% PC game trainers and talk these days. A while back when it was XboxMB and then HorizonMB it was mainly Xbox 360 game save editing and modding discussions going on. Most of us who owned 360’s moved on. I do still do some 360 gaming and game save modding, but rarely.

There was a point maybe 5 years ago or so, maybe longer, when Microsoft updated Xbox 360’s in a way which switched the way flash drives & external storage was configured or something like that. Horizon was also updated to work with that new “configure” or “format”. If you’re configuring your flash drive on you 360 and Horizon will not recognize it then you should update your 360 if possible as it may be on an extremely old dashboard version.

As far as the saves you want to make games much easier to progress in, I’m sure some are out there for download somewhere. I’ll try to help you locate some, BUT first please try to get a flash drive or external USB device working with Horizon.

I see you asking about trainers for 360 games. Those are only usable if you have a Jtag or RGH modified 360 console. I have a few myself and stock/retail 360’s. If you have a stock/retail 360 you’re pretty much only going to be able to use modified saves and transfer DRM Free DLC to your console without getting corrupt unusable games/DLC/trainers etc…

Again, I’ll try to help you out. But please just keep in mind that I am a bit out of the loop these days as I’m into other things these days.

Dear Steve

Many thanks. I was beginning to abandon all hope! I duly updated my 360 and the dashboard remained quite close to the original and I havent had any problems. Also I found a Witcher 2 editor which allowed me to max out my parameters on my PC using a gamesave copied from the 360. I still need similar programs for the other games I mention above however and would be very grateful for either these or savedgames that meet my requirements, above.

Do you happen to know what is wrong with the Tech Game site as it offers many suitable saves but it appears it is impossible to register with them?

I must say that you are exceptional. I have had some quite rude treatment but mainly I am ignored. It seems a pity that many gamers are listing saves or editors that have a list of instructions that are incomprehensible for a layman to follow or are on sites with many viruses.

I look forward to hearing from you again


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Here is a nice place for 360
Like Steve said to mostly add stuff to 360 need a jtag or rgh for a dashboard or trainers

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