Help With Xbox Backwards Compatability Please? (Partition 2)

I hacked/installed a 250GB harddrive for my Xbox 360, but apparently when I formatted it I forgot to take care of partition 2 so I could still play my original Xbox games.

I followed this guide: Xbox 360 Partition 2 Download (Xbox 1 Emulator)

and downloaded the .bin file in that thread. It didn’t work and I can’t browse anything in partition 2 via Modio or Horizon.

When I explore the harddrive in Modio I see:
Partition 0
Partition 1
Partition 2
Partition 3

Only Partition 3 is accessable.

Anyone know how I can get my backwards compatability back? :cry:

Did you use HDDHackr?

When I originally formatted the harddrive yes. This time around I backed up my data before messing with the drive. Then I did HDDHackr again and only did the create partition step to create partition 2. I would have deleted the partitions first, but there wasn’t exactly a “delete partitions” option.

Edit: I did have a problem a little while ago where my harddrive got corrupted and none of my programs (Modio/Horizon/etc.) could read it. I ended up just formatting the harddrive on my Xbox 360 and started over. I don’t know if my partitions got messed up when my harddrive got corrupted/reformatted.

I really don’t know exactly what the problem is, but I would flash with HDDHackr again.

Well how do you delete the partitions?

Edit: Wow. I figured out the problem. I happened to still have my old legit xbox 360 60GB harddrive, and I backed up my partition 2 from that drive via Xplorer. Then when I went to restore it to my 250GB harddrive, I discovered that the partition2 backup I had downloaded from that guide was 0 bytes. Somehow I goofed something up with that download and didn’t pay enough attention. Oh well, xbox backwards compatability is working perfectly now.

runs off to play some Ninja Gaiden Black