trying to add a terraria world that i downloaded from the website curse or w.e. , anyways its a .wld file and everytime i go to add it in , an error pops up sayin make sure its a valid file?

I don’t have any experience with Terraria, so you may want to research this a bit. It may be a PC save file type and not a 360 one.

if its a wld file its a PC Save

A .wld file is a valid Xbox 360 Terraria world file. The problem is what you downloaded isn’t the full save package, it’s only the .wld file that you find in the contents folder of a Terraria word save.

It’s very easy to add it to one of your existing Worlds saves. Follow these instructions:

  1. Open your own Worlds save that you want to add the new world to and click on the Contents tab. As you can see there are some .wld files in there already.

  2. Now hover over where it says Entry Name and right click and select Insert New File. [details=Open Me][/details]

  3. Now locate your downloaded .wld file, select it and click Open to add it to your Contents folder. I downloaded it to my desktop so I wouldn’t have a hard time finding it. Mine is titled world5.wld as you can see in the pic.[details=Open Me]


  4. Now click the Save, Rehash & Resign button and wait for confirmation, now do it again to be safe, as once doesn’t always work sometimes. Now if you look through the files in the Contents tab you might not see the new world in it, but if you close the package and re-open it you’ll see that it is indeed there.[details=Open Me][/details]

  5. That’s about it. Plug your USB drive back into your 360 and try that new world out! Good luck, and hoped this helped.