Herbert SLANNE (Introduction)

Hello Wemod community, my nick/roleplayname is Herbert SLANNE (SLANNE [AT] - steam)

About me:

I found this community over Mrantifun, I like using his trainers on various games I played, I made my first experience here with his trainers on Wemod

I mostly play offline or online games - offline like: Ghost recon Wildlands, Payday 2, SWAT 4, Garrys mod, SCP - CB Ultimate mod - a lot more. Im sometimes also online.

My other Hobbies are, -
Im a SCP fan. SCP is a creative writting website, about a secret organisation tasked to Secure. Contain. Protect. anomalous Objects/Entities/Events/Places and conceal them from the puplic. Im following readers like: the eastside show and SCP Illustrated, Im active on the Wiki page, and played various games and mods about SCPs. Besides that I like solitary activities like wandering

Modding experiences:
Im a beginner at modding, my first real experience was Blitz3d, befor that I was just editing game files (If it is not that complicated) and basic Cheat engine commands. I came to Blitz3d (a program, to program games) because of SCP containment breach, I so far only created a simple game and graphic demos from the basic totorial and I want to get back to it as soon as I have the head and concentration for it.

Why I like Wemod
I like when games offer a console/editor files/ingame cheat codes. My motives for cheating are: I like experimenting, I dont like grinding, somtimes just to mess around. Most trainers have their cheats behind paywalls and allow online cheating. Wemod has trainers on various of games, does not support online cheating or pirating, and has no cheats or trainers behind paywalls (only some options).

Thats everything about me. I hope that we will have a pleasant time here^^ , I hope my grammatical errors are to a minimum



Welcome to WeMod! I too only like to grind for so long before I just want to enjoy everything a game has to offer (and occasionally cause some ruckus). We’ve loved having our partnership with MAF and I’m glad you found your way over here :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you have a great time using the WeMod app and participating here on the forums!

Thank you for supporting us as well by being a Pro member!

Let us know if you have ANY questions! :+1:


Yepp welcome aboard glad you found us and came over from mrantifun forum. Nice place we have here. Lots of help and nice , friendly people here.
We try and answer questions as soon as we can.
Well have fun cheating with wemod !


Welcome! It’s great having you here! And awesome “about me”, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Dabbled a small, tiny bit with modding myself, in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Failed miserably, gave it up and stuck to downloading stuff made by others. :laughing: Hats off to you for your modding, I know it’s not always easy. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy our community. Have fun and always feel free to post here. And, of course, thank you for supporting the trainer makers by purchasing Pro, it really helps. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! It’s a pleasure meeting you and thank you for sharing.

Hope you enjoy your time with us.

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Thanks for your reply. I like this community, and I have Pro membership mostly because I want to show support. Im using Wemod since a while now, I just came to this website a few days ago.

Good day

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