Hermitpack series! Check it out! :D

Hey guys. I am building a fishing village on my modded minecraft series and could use some build suggestions! Leave them below. Thanks! :smiley:

Here is episode 8. The first episode with my new blue snowball microphone!

I dont tend to watch long youtube videos, most i watch are no longer than 5/8 minutes, maybe a 15 minutes tops when i wanna learn something, but i seen long videos with good amount of views, so i might not be the targeted audience :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe adding some editing from time to time to boost a punchline or a commentary?
Long time since i played minecraft, not sure when the mods starts and the new features begin hehe

Genuinely lost interest in the first 5 minutes :frowning:.
IMO needs more enthusiasm, something to keep the viewer engaged.

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