Hero Siege Trainer

Requesting a trainer for Hero Seige please

Needing to stay alive mostly and leveling points etc

I moved to the correct category

Oh thanks for that Hawk :slight_smile:

What is the multiplayer aspect of the game? They tend to stay away from games with MP, Im not saying they won’t make on, that is up to @STN @STiNGERR @REPPiN

Looks like a cool little game to mess around in

Ive never touched it, im still learning SP part

It looks like the multiplayer is online PvE coop. I don’t see anything suggesting pvp. I haven’t played the game though.

Yea I haven’t either, but even with pve I think they have some mixed feelings about doing it

People can play the whole game PVE.
Ofc the game can be played online with your friends.
So you wont do much damage to the online aspect.
Just for your friends ofc, but i bet they will know you cheat anyway.

Yea there are a few games out there like that