Was digging in a cave and turned around and he was there!

Isn’t herobrine suppose to be like some kind of magic that hasn’t been implemented yet?

What a creepy ass mother****er.

In most of the updates Notch puts that they removed Herobrine. No one knows if its true.
****ing creepy.

Minecraft Update News

Tell me aout it.

I thikn he just keeps lowering the rate at which people see him.
Use to be common, SUPER rare now.
First, it was believed to be Notchs brother I believe, who died when he was young young, and how he never coded him into the game and he had no idea how he got in there - then he said it was all make-believe, or was it, and said “removed herobrine”.

since then, he would keep putting “removed Herobrine” as a “joke”, but people say it’s getting old now.

I doubt that is real. If it’s real thats creepy as ****.

Not real, someone asked one of the Mojang dev’s through Twitter and they sad that it was just a lie made up by some kid.

i still havent seen him i want to though

Herobrine doesn’t exist. It’s a simple myth that was started waaaaaaaaaaay back in the early alpha days. He’s simply not in the code of the game and people making up stories/videos/pictures is old news.

[size=25]Here is the proof that you seek :smiley:

Look at these full-size

Far away:

Open Me


Open Me

And there you have it…He is real :cry:[/size]

What happens if you goto him and attack

You cant because he runs/hides from you :worried:

He teleports and will burn you to death…


By the way - Herobrine still is in the game.

The reason he keeps typing - Removed Herobrine.
Is since it is a glitch with his code he can’t get rid of it but he can lower the percent,
Currently it’s 0.0001% chance of showing.
I saw one in 1.8 (Not 1.8.1),
And **** myself lol.

And for anyone wondering “Who is herobrine?”:

  • for everybody saying “I saw him” is lying because people looked all over the source could not find anything related to him. The only way you could have seen him is by using Single player mods or Multiplayer plugins.

I miss the alpha :cry: Was way better than Beta.

I liked the X-Files music, the truth is out there.

EDIT - WATCH THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA5KuoKsaQ8

Herobrine - Minecraft Wiki

Please read this before talking about what isnt true.