Hero's Avatar Pack

I’m only making 150x150 size avatars. Larger avatar size for the forums can be obtained by purchasing Diamond! Eventually I will start making 100x100! :wink:

Request format.


Good job, i like them all! Mayb make a Forza horizon one? Just a suggestion.

Thanks Man! These are some good avatars

Those are pretty sick. I agree with UUMVKIBBY you should try to do Forza Horizon one!
EDIT: I love the Forza Horizon avatars!

Time too change my Avatar… Thanks <3

i like the halo one

Borderlands 2, dishonored.

They look good Hero. Loving those cod ones.

They look AMAZING!
Could I get some longer gifs of Black Ops 2? Not all zombies either

Definitely Borderlands 1-2

I like them all :smile:

Amazing pack man!

You should add some Batman Avatars :smile:

Love all the halo ones.


They look great, nice :smile: I like the Blackops one.

Thanks a lot Hero, they all look awesome. By the time you see this reply I will be using one of them.

woot forza
MOH Warfighter
Borderlands 2

I will update the OP when I get home :smile:!

Keep requesting.

Get me some Hello Kitty, Danbo, Domo, Toyota AE86 Packs please I know they aren’t games but a variety would be awesome :smiley:

Thanks , I’m using the Black Ops zombie avatar .

best photoshop editor on Mb
as always