Hey All

My forum name and PS3 user name is twigsterxd. I have alt. PS3 identities but usually on my main. I found this forum searching for a game save for kingdoms of amalur reckoning. Had such a hard time finding any site that has the files made for people and unfortunately, this one doesn’t work either. BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m going to leave the forum. Alot of stuff on here I’d like to check out. Since I’m only online once a week, (as this isn’t my pc), I can’t download any modding software. If anyone here can do something for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Reckoning is the only game I have no saves for. I have finished it but now I want to play around :smile:
If anyone can mod a save that starts at the beginning area after you meet agarth with lots of money, max skill points, unlimited inventory and as much gear and weapons as possible, that would be great.
I have other games, I usually play demon/dark souls series and I hated skyrim when I first tried it but now I find it a great game.
I should mention that I have the dlc’s for KoA.

Thx gang. Hope to talk to ya in the threads.