Hey everyone! I am a newbie in need of help!

Hey, everybody!

My name is Rui, but my nickname is Elz. I am a gamer, but alas cannot afford to buy consoles or gaming PCs. I currently own a flashed/jailbroken Xbox 360 Elite, mostly to copy games on discs to play because buying games is too expensive.
I enjoy a large variety of games, such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher etc.

I have jailbroken my android device, and my PSP if that counts for anything lol…

My hobbies include mostly playing guitar, reading and making music. Another game I forgot to mention I play (please don’t hate) is Clash Of Clans.

I want to learn how to MOD games, preferably without cheating, because cheating frustrates me.

My main goal however is to learn if it is possible to Jailbreak the XBOX 1. I intend to purchase one once I have enough money. I want to jailbreak it because I cannot afford games. they are so costly, which is the reason I managed to get my Xbox jailbroken. I don’t intend to play games online until I can afford to buy them.

If anybody knows if it is possible pleeease give a shout out, it will be my deciding factor on getting an Xbox 1!

THank you! :smile:

Welcome to HorizonMB Rui!

Currently Xbox One is not jailbreakable or moddable in any way. Sorry for the news. Hopefully in the near future an exploit will be found, keep your fingers crossed.

There’s tons of tutorials on modding games here on site, just use the search feature and browse the site.

Again, welcome to the site. If you ever need help with something don’t be afraid to ask.

Hi! Welcome to the site, Elz!

Unfortunately no-one’s made any breakthrough’s in modding the Xbox one. So you won’t be able to get your games for free.

Keep Checking this thread for updates/info.

EDIT: Damn Steve, stealing my thunder, this always happens!

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