Hey everyone, I go by the username UceGotGame, and I just wanted to express my love for WeMod! I used to go to CheatHappens to get my trainers and pay an overpriced monthly fee to get a limited amount of trainers per month and now that Ive found WeMod, Ive never looked back. So glad this service exists! I was skeptical at first, because everything is literally FREE so I was worried that it was too good to be true, but after using it for the first time, it is INCREDIBLE. Works so smoothly! Damn WeMod are the absolute best!

I know I sound like an infomercial lol buts its just very rare to see a free service do so much better than a paid one.

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Hahaha ya that’s true. Thanks for coming over , I mean it really is free to use and forum here is pretty friendly too. Well glad you found us. Have fun !

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Thanks! Will do! WeMod is awesome! Long live WEMOD! Im gonna have to buy a Pro sub just to support!

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:
WeMod is brilliant. I normally used either WeMod or @MrAntiFun for my cheating needs. But now MrAntiFun has joined WeMod and makes trainers here now, so this is now my primary source.
Sorry to say, but CheatHappens is awful. Their trainers are often pretty limited, sometimes outdated, and you have to pay for them, when there are better, free options out there, such as here at WeMod. Good to see that you’ve seen the light and headed here to greener pastures.

There’s not only free trainers here, but free games too. Keep an eye on the Deals & Giveaways section of the forum. :wink:

Again, welcome. It’s great having you here.

Don’t thank God, thank Frank and Co.

But hey, welcome to WeMod! Stick around and get involved in the forum. You won’t regret it. See ya around!

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Aren’t they the same thing? :thinking: :laughing:

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Let’s not forget our founder " main man " zach.
Frank is awsome too. And Chris and instincts lol