Hey how do i make a new request for a game

please help me i cant seem to find it

It’s on the WeMod app! In the upper center you have: Dashboard, Games, Requests, Hub. You can then search for specific game in search bar. If the game isn’t there then I guess you make a topic in the forum for game request? :man_shrugging:


thank you

No problem. I’m also new in the community and don’t know many things about it yet, so maybe someone with more wisdom will show up later and will give you better answer. But not-the-best answer is better than none in my book :wink:


All trainers need to be voted on in the app.
If it’s an old game and not too popular chances are it probably wont be made.
And only make trainers for singleplayer player games

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Also - New games are added to the library automatically by the system for voting on once WeMod detects that enough WeModders have it installed on their PC.

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Is this information still accurate? This thread keep coming up when searching google. I find no “Request game” feature in the app, am I doing something wrong? I did turn on notifications for the game (Moonstone island). Also How is Wemod going to detect I have the game if I bought it in another shop and not on Steam? Like the game is not listed as being installed by me but I do have it installed. is there a way to add the game to wemod already on client side, even if there is no trainer yet?

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No, it is not.

:point_right: See: Game Queue

And please don’t necromance dead threads from years ago. They will contain information no longer relevant to the current version of the software and may confuse new people. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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