Hey i'm new

Hey im new to Mods, I like to play PC and PS4 I do have other consoles Xbox One and Switch and my handheld 3DS. The types of Games I like to play are tycoon games and RPG I play other games as well but those are the games I prefer. When i’m not gaming im watching anime or tv shows on my streaming services. I would like to learn how to MOD games if it’s not too difficult but i’m basically here to play modded games and have fun also to make new friends if any of you want to add me
Switch:Arsenic Friend Code: SW-8315-7446-1025

Hello and welcome to WeMod. Great having you here. :wave: :slight_smile:

RPGs are awesome. Do you have a favourite?

i don’t have a favorite if its good i’ll play it through if its not great i’ll usually stop somewhere then go back in few months to play it that’s how i am with games if im not enjoying it.

Welcome to wemod. Glad you found us. Have fun. Not to easy to make trainers.
Like myself I just wait and use what they make here !