Hey just joined

Hey i just signed up to HorizonMB looking forward to exploring everything, pretty new to modding, only ever modded on PC yet to try Xbox 360 (apart from Gamerscore)

Welcome to the site! Glad to see you got Diamond, it’s well worth it! If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to PM me! :smile: Happy modding.

Fair warning, when you go to mod your gamerscore, make sure you mod the achievements that can be obtained offline, if you mod online achievements, make sure to do it in small increments of 50-100 gamerscore per day or week.

cheers for the warning, but I’m on a mac and can’t use Horizon anyway, but even if i did id use a dummy account :smile:

Welcome to the site.

Oh and about Horizon on mac, there is no official release but I remember there being a work around a while ago, not sure if it still works though. I think it may have been using Wine, can’t remember though. I’ll look for the thread just in case you do happen to want to use some of the tools features.


Found it , looks like it was actually recently updated by the guy who wrote it so it should still work.

i saw a Horizon on Mac thread that required me to purchase windows, it was very helpful but at this current moment in time i am unable to buy windows

Welcome to the site!