Hey Treyarch

Nice security

did u tweet that there going to be like **** we mess up

hahah lol fail

this is so funny!

OMG is that what i think it is? FAIL much treyarch hahaha

I’m going to have to be the bigger man and go ahead and admit what I’m sure many of us may be wondering…what exactly am I looking at?


I think they hacked their twitter account?

NEVERMINE : I think they tweeted something they were not suppose 2.

nonono… they got passed all the passwords of the encrypted files and basically got access to edit them? Correct me if i’m wrong.

I think your right, and they just keep tweeting it to them.

they must be pissed

I think JD needs to take back a few words of wisdom about BlackOps being un-hackable.

Todays society of kids are outsmarting adults.

Treyarch claimed that the fastfiles were going to be encrypted, obviously they’re not.

They are encrypted.

Haha that made me laugh

The generation of teenagers are surpassing the adults.
They can be so sad, when they believe that they can actually stop us.
Great job Horizon Dev Team.
unknown v2
gabe k
Xenomega (Xenon.7)

omg, this **** is turning just as I hoped it would. We can mod offline, but not online! YAY!

He is crying in a corner.

There gonna look at it and be like ****