Hi everyone

Hi all my name is David and I found infinity via the steam community whilst looking for an RE7 trainer this game like Prey can be very frustrating owing to Very limited recourses ammo health etc.

Having to play the same section over and over again until you finally make it is a WTF for me! the Infinity trainer
is brilliant just what you need to sort those F**kin Bakers out…


welcome david :smiley: indeed prey has some annoying mechanics in place

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Welcome David, my actual name is David as well, pleased to meet you. I too, am a Steam member, I go by Telarius, same as here. Feel free to befriend me if you choose, simply let me know who you are first, I’m cautious given the jerks and scammers out there. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean, as the discussion groups are rife with toxic individuals. I often read posts and think “If only they’d say such things in person”. Reminds me too much of my eldest stepson, bold online, but a coward in the real world. As I’ve always said, “Don’t say online what you wouldn’t be willing to say in person”.

You’ll find the WeMod community a very welcoming place with helpful and considerate people. I stumbled onto it while looking for a solution to my Middle Earth: Shadow of War woes (@STN has been a great help for me with several games, though the whole group is amazing) . Once they removed loot boxes and put the game on sale, I finally broke down and purchased it. Nonetheless, at 45 and caring for my elderly father of 87 years, I don’t have the time nor patience to deal with many of the more frustrating aspects of the game. Gaming to me is a recreation, something to relax with, if I want challenge, I’ll deal with one of the many DIY home projects I have beset before me.

I think you’ll find WeMod an amazing tool for single-player games, just as I have. It really helps you eliminate frustration in an “all-in-one” application, I have yet to see anything that comes remotely close! The developers and community are very considerate and friendly. Respond in kind and you’ll see they’ll be there to help you in any way they can. I’ve only been a member a short time, and went Pro simply to support development, it is truly the “ideal application” for the casual gamer who doesn’t want to deal with constant frustration.

Right now, my current game of choice is “State of Decay 2”. Though I’m not overly thrilled with some aspects of the game, the trainer makes it at least doable for me. I’m hoping in time the game evolves a bit, as right now it is just too much for the casual gamer. Even with @STN developing an amazing trainer, I still feel stressed trying to complete missions. Covering an old water-damaged basement paneled wall with vinyl tile was less stressful than that, and that took me two weeks of non-stop swearing!


HI David
I am Moonshadow over on steam and will send a friend invite, I am playing The evil within at present and would not enjoy it without a trainer.
see you over on steam

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Welcome David

hoping to see you active around here.

Thanks for the welcome guys, over the years trainers have helped me enjoy a plethora of games I would have stopped playing otherwise, and as Telarius says I play games for relaxation not to be wound up…when you start swearing at your monitor you know it’s time to cheat :face_with_monocle:

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I laughed reading about swearing at one’s monitor, I’m guilty of that. I have a fairly large Steam library, quite a few games I picked up on sale over the years. Until I found WeMod, very few ever captured my attention for any length of time. I don’t mind watching the occasional YouTube video on how to find a hidden item or whatnot, but spending hours trying to defeat one enemy or level is simply too much.

Now I have the option of actually revisiting a lot of games I simply gave up on. Though there are various extraneous mods/trainers out there, the last thing I want to do is have to re-install them when I get a new computer, or have to consistently tweak them. One of the reasons I like Steam is because it is an “all-in-one” way to manage my games.

In that regard, WeMod is the ultimate complimentary tool. The voting system is well-designed, catering to those who game more, and of course, those who support via the Pro version. I’m determined to get Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition in the works eventually, so that is where my votes will be going for some time. I’ve been a Warhammer 40K fan ever since the original Dawn of War RTS.

I simply “stumbled” upon WeMod, and was simply floored at how well designed it was, and how many of my games it supported! The moment I tried WeMod I thought, “Finally, the idea of a fully integrated tool”! I have both a desktop and a laptop, each with their own libraries, so WeMod is a godsend. The only thing I miss in the new version is the game icons, but that is just because I can’t see text well without my glasses (realized that last night). Like I told my father, I’ll stop gaming when I’m in my grave. Heck, just cremate me with my gamepad (I prefer gamepad-compatible PC games).

As you noticed, I accepted your friend request on Steam, thanks for the invite. I always enjoy meeting respectful and kind people. My one friend, “The Falcon” is from Palestine and is a great guy, always asking how my dad is doing and often follows up on my DIY home repair projects to make sure I don’t overdo it. Very caring fellow, we send messages to one another every couple of weeks. Nice to meet people that aren’t self-serving and actually give a squat about others.

I recently repaired/revamped my father’s workbench that my grandfather made before I was born (so it was built around 1970, I was born in 1973). In my younger years, I did quite a bit of damage to it, so I only felt it appropriate that I repair that which I damaged. Though I sorely lack my grandfather’s woodworking skills, I was able to bring it back to life to the point even my father says my grandfather would be proud.

I repaired the original work surface by screwing on some 6 mm plywood, then covering it in vinyl floor planks with a scratch resistant polyurethane surface. The legs/back/sides were covered in a similar vinyl floor plank (after reinforcing the original nails with screws) that was left over when the basement floor was replaced. I used PVC trim on the edges to cover the joints and add not only reinforcement, but an aesthetic appeal. When I get around to it, I’ll have to send him a picture, even I’m pleased with the outcome (and I’m very self-critical). The work area is level after many years of abuse, and with the vinyl plank I can resurface the work area fairly easily.

Of course, I plan on telling him about WeMod, though he’s a far more accomplished gamer than myself. I befriended him after a sly comment I made on the VAC ban forums about the various excuses people use when they cheat in multi-player games. I did it in the form of a “fill in the blank” with silly responses (i.e. A zombie hacked my account). Mind you, I have NO problem with cheating in single-player, but cheating in multi-player, getting banned and then expecting pity is at best pathetic.

I’m all about cheating in single-player. Maybe it is my age, but so many games seem overly complex and difficult these days. When I have to spend an hour just to finish a tutorial, I cannot help but think “This is supposed be fun”? I realize eSports have become so popular that some dedicate entire days to learning a game, but like you, it is just a diversion for me. Toxic communities flourish, and it makes me half irate/half sickened to see people stoop to vulgar insults.

Anyway, I suppose I should get off my soap box. My mother was an English teacher, and an excellent writer/typist, so I have a habit of writing long messages, as it is second nature. She died of throat cancer four years ago, but her spirit lives on through me in many ways. Then again, that is why I came back to my home town in Ohio, to care for my father as was my final promise to her. I’ve lost a lot in life, but the one thing that cannot be taken is my honor.

Thanks for reading my long-winded messages, and I look forward to corresponding with you in the future, all of you! I’m truly proud to be a member of this community, and look forward to any contribution I can provide, whether it be feedback, or assistance of any kind. Simply reach out to me, and you have my word, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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Yes I concur with what you say, I too have a good sized library over on steam (check out my profile)
I also archive certain games until I find a mod, Outlast, Prey, Alien Isolation, to name but a few.

I bought Kingdom come deliverance recently and after one hours game play I thought NO WAY without a mod!!
and yes I also agree with your comment saying “It’s an age thing” when I graduated Jimmy Hendrix was still alive and the Beatles had not long released Sgt Pepper…