Hi Everyoneeee~

God, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on any online forum/community.

Hi, my name is Hina. I’m just a cowardly casual gamer who has severe anxiety when she runs out of ammo or health or gets a status damage. <:

I have 10 pets. 5 cats and 5 dogs. I rescue animals and I blog sometimes (not gaming related)
Feel free to drop me a message or add me on steam.

I’m usually online and almost always looking for new friends.

Also, please do suggest more gamesssssss.

Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:

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I’m curious how you game with all of them. My cats always want to lay on my desk.

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Thank yooou. :purple_heart:

Yeah, so I had to make some major sacrifices. I opted for a laptop over a tower because wires and overall chaotic destruction.
I got a gaming laptop and an external graphics card.
I don’t get to play most games on high res but I get to play them, at least. And they don’t lag.

My cats would just lay on the laptop keyboard. I do like the idea of external GPUs for laptops though.

Instead of replying to all of your other post in questions about games being updated. We will update them as soon as possible.

I use a laptop cooling pad that generates enough noise to annoy the cats away. Tho that doesn’t stop their hair from getting stuck in the cooling fans. :sob:

Oh, and I usually play with an XBox One controller lol

Thank yoooooooou. :purple_heart:

Ya damm cat always gotta climb up on desk I play with a controller and its always moving the mouse pad around messing up my game till it finally finds a spot to curl up and sleep !

Not gonna lie. Gaming with cats and dogs isn’t a walk in the park :joy: I’ve died so many times because of them.


G’day Hina.
I have just 1 pet. If you drink Alcohol, you should be familiar with Jack Daniels. That’s my boy cat’s name.
He is black and white, like the label, and he is silky soft,. I game, he plays outside and sleeps inside.
Mind you i torture him sometimes by waking him up with soft kisses on the head and paw pats on his paws lol. I do not have a problem gaming even if he is inside most of the time. lol

That’s a pretty awesome name for a cat. I have one named Whisky. :joy:
Mine don’t really disturb my gaming. They just go around throwing everything all over, so I end up getting distracted really often.

Most hours I have on games are usually when they’re in pause because I’m running around putting things back in place.

Whisky huh, seems we both think alike in that respect lol.
Putting things back in place, sometimes requires gluing or nailing or suctioning down things i know.
My previous cat “Tia Maria” was an energetic, chaotic type of cat, never get 10mins peace for gaming till she was tired and worn out lol
Learnt to suction, screw, bolt, tie, and glue things down with her, oh and tie up loose cables rofl.

Lol. I got tired of all that and now my room is essentially just cupboards and boxes. Everything is locked up.

All my pets have the zoomies at this random hour so I can’t risk it. They’re NEVER tired.

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Hey sup

hello all

Hello hina, welcome here.