Hi, I cannot connect Discord

I click on connect Discord from the app or browser and I get error, reload page. Tried reloading and nothing changes. Thanks!

Assuming your discord is screaming-whispers#3276 it looks like you previously linked it to Screaming_Whispers

Then why does it still say connect as a to do list option?

It is connected to another account. This account is Screaming-Whispers, your other account is Screaming_Whispers.

Hmm, how do I access my other account? Can I get rid of that one so it is just on one?

I guess the silence means it is unknown and they are just going to ignore it. Lol.

Sorry I didn’t get a notification for your reply. You will need to sign in to the account to unlink your Discord or create a new discord account. If you do not remember the password you can reset it here: https://www.wemod.com/forgot

No worries, better than being ignored. Going to try it now.

I only ever used one email address, so when I use the link, it tries to reset this account. Does that mean it cannot be fixed?

Both accounts were created the same day and have similar emails. If you cannot access your other email account you will need to create a new discord account.

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