Hi I utilize Wemod for games I was frustrated with

I play not all the time but enough so I can relax.
It makes some levels I play which are nightmare to hard seem easier, I haven’t yet returned edge eternity because it hard to play because graphic issues.

I hate point this out but I found cheatcodes not sure if this helps make into trainers for The Fantasy farming: Orange Season + Now I found it for Pumpkin Days.

Developers created the cheat codes so people can play them easier.

Cheat Codes | Fantasy Farming: Orange Season Wiki | Fandom (I know some these work)

https://github.com/PumpkinDays/Modding/blob/master/Modding/DevCheatCodes.md ( I have yet to try them)

I do like mods they are reliable and work when updated enough I guess I could thank people who do that. Keep up good work.

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you like using WeMod trainers.

And yes, some games do have built in cheat codes. But there are downsides to them:

  1. Using built-in cheats will disable the ability to earn achievements in games. Trainers do not cause this.

  2. Built-in cheats usually require you having to remember them (and ultimately having to pause the game to look them up again when you can’t remember them), whereas trainers are “fire and forget”.

  3. Entering cheat or console commands regularly breaks the immersion of the game for many gamers. Whereas trainers do not because, again they are “fire and forget”.

  4. These days, some games will permanently tag you as a cheater next to your username for using in-game cheats. So that if you should decide to play online, everyone can see you cheated in single player (and you may end up kicked a lot from private servers). Trainers generally do not cause this.

  5. Some games now disable your ability to save the game if you use in-game cheats. Such as the Assassin’s Creed and Red Dead Redemption franchises. Many people only realise this after playing for hours and realising their game never saved, losing hours of progress. Trainers do not cause this.

  6. In the case of console commands in particular, they can cause game-breaking, progression-breaking, or quest-breaking bugs in some cases. Consoles are left-over developer testing tools for when the game was still in beta, they are not intended as a cheating tool, the developers just never bothered removing it from the live public release. Many developers, such as Bethesda, do warn you against using console commands for these reasons and say you do so at your own risk and at the risk of corrupting your own game files.


Hey Ravenfyre, I don’t play online but I play offline because I don’t see notifications from my friends telling me they are playing game I can’t own or I can’t play MMO game. Internet is really slow where I live and its sucks so offline is easier for me to well play and not worry about internet.

If I found good place to play and remember not play online it have to has some means to know there are magical trainer to help me. I don’t use it on Garden story I played that with my own skills.

I am Hobby gamer since a I was young. I don’t have means to turn pro.

Pumpkin Days cheat codes not all them work I was testing them out and found some work, /Spawn cheats only one word not Black Dahlia Flowers(warning to anyone who plans to use that they can only use /Spawn Pear # (its only thing I uncovered) If there was way someone made forum for that what cheat codes work I like give them input on that topic.

Cheat codes I used aren’t blocking achievement, unless you did cheat online, offline its very safe. I turned off vsync(because it takes forever in pumpkin days to load or has error.)

There not much corruption of files currently only issue I had with pumpkin days why don’t they have creative mode?

Farming Season in Orange Valley expands beyond what is known, last update, they make so farming is done on original farm and you have relocate all animals to another plot which cost 100K.

Huddell said he going update the game allow new mods into game? No one heard back from that dev I guess he made his own cheats. Not all them work. Don’t use gain tools even tempt it might work it might not.
Gain gold, spa cheat door and healing cheat(they work), and I think Spawn cheat doesn’t work(total failure or library isn’t full)(if huddell returns he should fix cheat menu where there bookmark set up.
Its unique I think and it helps some players to keep playing. I stopped because I had control myself.
I was getting 3 rd hour play I can’t play more than 4 hours it be injustice to other games I have.