Hi, Im New! HDD Replacement Cloning Possibilty?

Hi everyone.
I have a 1 TB XBox One, I’m looking to replace the HDD with something larger 2Tb or more if possible, I know how to create a new drive for the XBOne using Linux, but is it possible to clone a drive so all my Games and Game Saves also show up?
Basically I don’t want to have an external drive connected, and I dont want to lose what I already have.
I’d rather it be all internal, if I clone the drive and then re-mount it in Linux and copy over all the Partitions to mimic the factory drive I would think in theory it should work…
Any help would be appreciated.

Well, I personally can’t really help you with this but the developers here would most likely be able to, although the only one that I ever see around is Cheater912, so I would send him a PM if he doesn’t respond here.

Off site help includes Eaton, developer of FATXplorer. I’m sure he has a plethora of knowledge on the subject.

And then, the obvious and almighty Stack Overflow, a site that simply does not disappoint.

And welcome to this site!

I built and fixed 360’s but never truly modded them, however I had 5 Original Xboxs with 500Gig HDDs. And they were easily manipulated. So I was wondering if the crossover was just as simple, thinking it was locked to a hardware chip on the motherboard

If I remember correctly from when the xbox first came out a guy may have cloned an SSD to run on the Xbone. Maybe try YouTube. Can’t remember much about it if I’m honest.