Hi, I'm your avg. gamer

Hi, I’m your avg. gamer


Oh ok hello

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We are all specials here :3rd_place_medal: since you are average now you are special. :3


Hello your avg. gamer

Welcome to the community!

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Finally another average player :stuck_out_tongue: welcome!!!

We are all average here but very few admit it.


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Hi, I’m a newbie too. I’m really happy to be here with you. I really hope that I’m going to find here some new friends and that sometimes you’re going to help me to become a better player! I used to spend a lot of time searching an solution for my health problems, and i used to search lot of things to make my weight loss occur!
Your site makes me forget about my problems, and i see so interested in here! Thank you!

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We’re happy you’re here with us too!

Only you can help yourself become a better player, by playing, and playing, and playing, and mastering those games you love.

But we can help you cheat to make you become what looks like a better player, but then you’re just a cheater who really isn’t good at games, just a cheater who’s achievements and scores make them look like a better player.

Do you you want to be a better player? Or do you want to be a better player?

The choice is up to you. Or you.

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@Therhat @SteveWonda Or to just beat the Damm game ??

well thats more plausible no doubt