Hi WeMod :D


You was HorizonMB before right?
I see you change the page.

I didnt have a profile back on that page but i saw that new modding tools of yours.

Im going to try it :smiley:

Welcome! And to answer your question, yes, they changed their name from horizonmb to wemod, just like they have changed their name in the past.

Welcome to WeMod Entral

Welcome to WeMod! If you ever need help with something don’t be afraid to ask.

Hey man! Glad to hear you’ll be trying out Infinity.

Welcome to WeMod! If you need help with anything feel free to ask anybody. Enjoy your stay!

You are going to love our new tool!. Welcome to the site man

Hey, nice to see you’ve finally registered. Infinty is the PC equivalent of Horizon for Xbox and is mainly filled with trainers.