High memory usage and some CPU usage while idle

Why is Wemod using so much Memory and CPU despite I am not gaming at all?

EDIT: wrong screenshot was uploaded

How long has the app been open? I have some ideas of why this is happening, but it should stop if you restart the app.

I think it’s been days because I have my laptop on 24/7 due to my work.

Do you have a rough idea on the time frame? I’m already working on fixes to reduce memory usage.

Current uptime is 6 days 21 hours. Rough estimation probably 4-5 days


did the problem got fix because i had the same issue i deleted the app because of it

It is fixed. Still, I advise not to leave WeMod running for days as I did.

I just ran across this issue after about 19 hours of the program being open. I never actually used it, just opened it to check the game list.